Project Switzeland|冨士ファニチア

In 2019

Zurich, Switzerland

It is the largest city in Switzerland and serves as the gateway to the sky.

It is an international financial center with a large number of financial institutions and the headquarters of many companies from around the world, making it the center of the Swiss economy. It is said that this is due to the fact that it is home to a number of prestigious universities, which attracts people who speak a variety of languages and are highly motivated.

The city has a rich cultural tradition and is home to many of the major opera houses and theaters in Europe, as well as some of the finest museums and art galleries in the world.
It is a city where you can fully enjoy the emotions that have been changing since B.C.

Surrounded by a deep history, Zurich is flexible enough to accept new cultures, and may even nurture the spirit to welcome fresh Japanese furniture.

Japanese craftsmanship welcomed in a land of fine quality culture.

Across the sea from Japan, in a quiet residential area with a different language and climate. One of FUJI FURNITURE’s most popular furniture, the Koti dining set, was delivered to a home. In a room filled with warm sunlight, it blends comfortably with the sophisticated design that gives it a strong presence.

They visited Japan and met Koti when they could see the new greenery in 2019. Here is what she had to say. The chair and table are in perfect condition. The chairs and table were delivered in perfect condition and I am very happy with them. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is impressive.”

Project: J’s residence
Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Time: 2019
Product: Koti