To continue using one’s favorite furniture with care. It's the lifestyle itself which Scandinavian people cherish. Simple design which doesn’t get old. Practicality that you can appreciate over the years.. A certain value that does not change over time. ”Koti" has included these attitudes in its manufacturing process. "Koti" is made by arranging "kotitonttu," which is the spirit of the house that appears in Finnish myth. We desire to make this product concept a part of your life.
design by Kazushi Suzuki


The wind has stopped, there are no waves, no sound from the sea. Maybe people also need calm. After a busy day like a storm, we want to create such a place to calm our feelings. These cozy shapes are born from such thought. Peaceful time is we want to deliver with our furniture.
design by Mikiya Kobayashi


In daily life, one needs a perch for resting one’s feathers for a while. This is a living-dining space that will make you feel a connection with your family while still maintaining a private space. The fine design that you discover the more you use it comes from the heartwarming process in which the producer pours their pride and affection into the making of the furniture. There are a wide variety of items which will allow you to expand your lifestyle. The more you use it, the more you will appreciate the classic, modern and vintage design.
design by Tomoya Tanaka


Despite a delicate silhouette, luxurious sitting comfort which cradles your body gently. You feel a sense of creativity in the air, a nostalgic atmosphere wraps you with a comfortable calmness. Peace of mind for living.
design by Takuya Matsuda


A chair that continues to evolve as it moves between the ages. This is a design that will still be beautiful 40 years on. Even though it appears light, it firmly takes your body. In abundant variations, the shape of the sofa is created by the person using it.
design by Fuji Furniture design team


A deep sea god appearing in Finnish mythology, Ahti. It is a design that takes advantage of the beauty of soft curves filled with warmth and kindness, reflecting the original landscape of a child held on their mother's back or knee. There is a relaxed presence just being there, not unlike the safety a child feels just by having their mother nearby. It delivers a sense of calmness to those in the room.
design by Noboru Nakamura

Scandinavia modern

Furniture that you can spend time in comfortably during the long and harsh winter. It has the original shape of Northern European modern furniture, which combines practicality with simple design. Brighten the space and make people relax, we shaped it with such thoughts. Elegant design creates a gorgeous atmosphere.
design by Atsushi Yumita


Danish classic style is the motif. “Value as a tool” shows itself in the very details of each piece. It fulfills a sense of ownership by the user.
design by Kei Takahashi


A spacious Northern European style that cherishes nature. TAPIO, in Finnish, means “god of the forest.” It is the guardian of people who love Northern European nature and live with the forest. Based on the concept of the warmth of wood gently blending into people's lives, it is made with carefully selected materials which are friendly to the earth and its people. This furniture is full of love and compassion for everyone who uses it.
design by Noboru Nakamura


It is better to be as light as possible because this is a dining chair where women and children sit every day, We created a light and stunning, yet strong micro-fine frame by cutting down on unnecessary parts. Even in a modern space, it is furniture that makes those who gather there feel warm. A frame that draws a soft and rhythmical curve in a clean slender silhouette creates a dining table that reflects the warmth of the resting family.
design by Nobukatsu Tanigawa


A free feeling, like taking in the morning sunrise. Lines, seductive like the silhouette of a woman. Simple elegance, influenced by nature. Charming, feminine styles provide inspiration for many, coloring everyday life.


By looking at the items from different perspective, you can see the borderline between new concepts and old traditions. You’ll be relieved from the burdens of your old conceptions and will encounter a new beauty you had not imagined before. There is no finality in our production. New detail and new design combine with new definition to make your life style richer.


The creative sense that you get by pursuing and holding onto one thing gives a new definition to Premium. Luxury, adrift from sophisticated products, will take over the space and change the atmosphere completely. Combining both artistry and practicality, the Premium style sets one free.


The mother ocean is the origin of all life. Our lives are connected with unlimited motherhood. That the dynamic of life has survived through the years is fascinating to us.