Scandinavian people covet simple design that’s timeless and durable. Our Koti collection is just that, inspired by the feeling and outcome created by "kotitonttu," which is the Finnish mythical creature that does a family’s housework. Sofas, chairs, coffee tables, cabinets, dressers and more are available in this collection.
design by Kazushi Suzuki


The wind has stopped. There are no waves, no sound from the sea. Calm. The cozy shapes and materials in the Nagi collection are born from such thought — the calm after the storm. Sink into the soft sofas and gather around the blonde- and mahogany-colored wooden tables to find peace.
design by Mikiya Kobayashi


After a long day, you need a perch to rest your feathers. Born out of the craftsman’s heart and soul, the Perche living-dining collection will provide a connection with your family while still maintaining a sense of privacy. Perche features a variety of tables and seating that will allow you to expand your lifestyle, and the more you use them, the more you’ll appreciate their classic, modern and vintage design.
design by Tomoya Tanaka


Despite its delicate silhouettes, the Nico collection is luxuriously comfortable. The pieces — sofas, chair, tables and sideboard — create a sense of nostalgia in your space but with their own creative air. Textured upholstery and rich woods bring depth and warmth.
design by Takuya Matsuda


This timeless chair is functional for the ages, and its design will still be beautiful 40 years from now. Even though its silhouette is sleek, it conforms to your body for a comfortable sit. The handcrafted Agio chair is available in a single seat or three-seater option, as well as with an accompanying ottoman.
design by Fuji Furniture design team


Inspired by and named after a deep sea god appearing in Finnish mythology, the Ahti collection is defined by its beautiful soft curves reflecting the scene of a child being held on his mother's back or knee. The collection delivers a sense of calmness to its occupants, and they’ll be immediately relaxed when they take a seat. Complete with upholstered seating and ottoman, as well as case goods including tables, armoires, sideboard and dresser.
design by Noboru Nakamura

Scandinavia modern

Curl up during the long, harsh winter on the Scandinavia Modern collection, which has the look of Northern European modern furniture, combining practicality with simplicity. Our goal when creating this set was to brighten your space and make people relax, creating a gorgeous atmosphere. Upholstered seating with a sleek wooden frame and wooden case goods, including a TV stand and china cabinet, complete this collection.
design by Atsushi Yumita


Danish classic style is the motif of the Aura collection. The detail in each piece provides style and value, making it a great addition to any home. A sofa, dining chair and tables, coffee table, TV stand and sideboard are available, all in a beautiful mahogany finish.
design by Kei Takahashi


This collection communicates a spacious Northern European style that cherishes nature. Tapio, in Finnish, means “god of the forest,” and this set is based on the concept of the warmth of wood gently blending into a home’s decor and its inhabitants’ lives. Tapio is made with carefully selected materials that are environmentally friendly, with light wood and curvy silhouettes that are beautifully crafted. Upholstered seating and tables are available.
design by Noboru Nakamura


In Calm, we created a light and stunning yet strong, micro-fine frame by cutting down on unnecessary parts. Even in a modern space, this dining table, chairs and bench bring a sense of warmth with silhouettes that draw soft, rhythmical and clean curves.
design by Nobukatsu Tanigawa


A fun but elegant collection inspired by the silhouette of a woman and the freeness of nature, Cute will color your everyday life. A petite upholstered chair and accompanying table are available.


Novo combines new concepts and old traditions to create a beautiful product perfect for today’s homes. A sofa, sectional, chairs, accompanying ottomans — all upholstered — and a desk complete this collection.


A collection of case goods, Premium showcases our beautiful capabilities in woodcraft. Combining both artistry and practicality, Premium pieces are versatile yet sleek.


The mother ocean in all of her wavy glory is the origin of all life, and that inspired this collection of modern upholstered chairs that feature curving silhouettes begging the user to sit. Let the seat and back envelope you in ultimate comfort.