Identity Main Visual-Fuji Furniture

Identity Main Visual-Fuji Furniture

Message from the president


代表取締役社長 布川知則|冨士ファニチア

Looking back on the company’s history since its founding in 1959, Fuji Furniture consistently doubt the common sense in the past, think out of box and continues “Creative Destruction” in order to realize furniture manufacturing sympathetic towards customers.
Activities such as “Improvement Activities” to eliminate inefficiency at manufacturing sites and increase productivity, and “Organize Environmental” to prepare for work by improving the working environment have become important activities that form the basis of our business. As a result, the quality of products and services has been improved, leading to an improvement in customer satisfaction.
We are determined to continue our “Creative Destruction” in the future, to make our customers realize that they are the “Protagonists of your own life” and lead to the enjoyment of life by conducting business through producing furniture as a core.

代表取締役社長 布川知則|冨士ファニチア

I hope that all our staff will enjoy their work with an awareness of “Creative Destruction”.
In order to do this, we need to face our work seriously and think about things from various perspectives. The more you work hard, the more you face difficulties, but when you overcome those difficulties, there is a unique view and a sense of accomplishment, and that experience leads to personal growth and the joy of life.
We Fuji Furniture will work hard and apply ourselves to what we do with the hope that we can help people who live their lives seriously. Thank you for your support and guidance.



Philosophy of Fuji Furniture


Mission of Fuji Furniture


Make each one of you as the “Protagonists of Life” from the new value created by “Creative Destruction”

Vision of Fuji Furniture


Become a leading furniture brand

Value of Fuji Furniture


Quest, Ambition and Cohesion