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Sho Kato

Born in 1973. While living in Denmark for three years in high school, he became attracted to the beautiful life rooted in life and decided to pursue a career in design. Upon returning to Japan, he decided to study furniture and interior design first, and moved to Asahikawa in Hokkaido to study at a university in a furniture producing area.

After graduating from Department of Design and Craft Design Major at Hokkaido Tokai University in 1995, he moved to Hida Takayama, also famous for its furniture production areas, and after working for a furniture manufacturer for 3 years, he returned to Europe to study design. While studying, he saw and heard about designs from England, Germany, Italy, Sweden, and other European countries, and in 2000, while studying at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, he founded Shock Design.

After returning to Japan, based on his belief “Design from the site!”, he moved to Hida Takayama and established Shock Design Co., Ltd. As a design office that transcends the boundaries of genres, he has expanded the scope of activities flexibly in various areas of the world, including architecture, graphics, and academia, with a focus on interior products.

With the slogan of 「Design is a happy industry!」, he is striving with his business companion to create a 「functional design」 that will make everyone involved happy.



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