Nagoya Showroom

Nagoya Showroom-Fuji Furniture

Nagoya Showroom-Fuji Furniture

Our Nagoya showroom is located on the first floor of a building about a 5-minute walk from both JR and subway stations, Imaike and Chikusa.
The showroom is 210 square meters in size, with three walls of glass, making it a bright and open space where you can relax and select furniture.

Outline of Nagoya Showroom



Nonohachigusa Bld.1F, 3-30-9, Uchiyama, Nagoya Shi Chikusa Ku, Aichi Ken, 464-0075, Japan


TEL.+81-52-686-1233 FAX.+81-52-686-0733


4 minutes walk from Imaike Station on the Nagoya Municipal Subway Higashiyama Line / 5 minutes walk from Chikusa Station on the Nagoya Municipal Subway Higashiyama Line
If you are coming by car, please use the following affiliated parking lots. (We will give you a free one-hour ticket when you arrive at the showroom.)
①Meitetsu Kyosho King Kanko Thousand Imaike Hirokoji-dori Store
②Meitetsu Kyosho Chikusa Ekikita No.7
③Meitetsu Kyosho Uchiyama 3-chome No.2




Every Tuesday and Wednesday, year-end and New Year vacations, summer vacation

Access of Nagoya Showroom


Nagoya Showroom Reservations


The Fukuoka Showroom is open to the public without reservation, but you may be asked to wait for a customer service representative on weekends and other busy times. If you would like a consultation or suggestion from our showroom concierge, please make an appointment in advance.。

Phone Reservation


Online Interior Design Consultation

Online Session

At our Nagoya showroom, we offer online sessions where you can consult with us about your interior design choices from the comfort of your home via PC or smartphone.
Our showroom concierge will help you choose the furniture that best suits your taste and make suggestions for coordination. The consultation is free of charge, so please feel free to use it.

Showroom online session|冨士ファニチア