In 2019


Zurich, the largest city in Switzerland, is well known as one of the financial centers of the world. Luxurious and urbanized, the city is home to one of the leading universities in Europe, bringing the brightest minds to gather there.

With a rich cultural heritage, Zurich is home to many of Europe’s leading opera houses, theatres, museums and galleries as well; the city appeals to all five senses and is a magical place to explore.

But despite its centuries-old traditions, Zurich has adopted a contemporary way of living, specifically embracing a new trend — Japanese furniture.

Japanese Craftsmanship At Home in Zurich

We delivered our Koti dining set — one of our most popular series — for placement in a home in a pleasant residential area of the city. The collection’s strong yet understated design makes its presence known, yet it blends comfortably into a room filled with warm daylight.

This client visited Japan in the spring of 2019 and encountered Koti on her trip. “We were attracted by the atmosphere of Koti, and decided to purchase it,” the client explained. “We are satisfied that all the pieces, chairs and tables were perfectly delivered. The craftsman’s sophisticated technique and detailed design are very impressive.”