South Korea’s capital of Seoul has become a destination for design, embracing both the historic and revered parts of its culture while also exploring the new contemporary style of living. In this urbanized city you can find BOKUZ furniture showroom, which displays a 30-piece collection that we specially designed for their store and its clientele.

BOKUZ opened in 2012 with a goal of providing its customers with high-quality furniture that suits their lifestyles. They believe that high-quality furniture should not only look good, but be created out of top-notch materials — like beautiful wood — and constructed soundly, even down to the masterfully done joint part structure. BOKUZ saw commonalities in our attitudes toward manufacturing, and they value and respect the sophisticated and well-honed technical craftsmanship that we have developed. We never cut corners to achieve the highest level of quality, and BOKUZ understands that.

The name “BOKUZ” was actually created by combining the Japanese word “木” (pronounced BOKU), meaning wood, and “Z” from “禅” (Zen), which means things in Japanese. BOKUZ decided to team up with several Japanese furniture manufacturers who have similar cultures and approaches, and have distinct manufacturing technologies from raw wood drying to product completion. They describe manufacturing as “craftsmanship that exerts all one’s strength,” and we couldn’t agree more.

After we shared our product story and processes in detail with BOKUZ, our partnership was born. We started to work with the showroom in 2016 and spent a year developing a unique collection for them. Their respect for high-quality manufacturing, their attitude toward furniture, and our belief in their success make us very optimistic about this collaboration. As we take a big step toward becoming a global furniture manufacturer, we have achieved a higher quality in our products than ever before, and our work with BOKUZ is partly to thank.