In 2019


Perhaps one of the biggest signposts of being in Oakland Hills is the squiggly roads and scenery re-set from urban to forestry. This wealthy outpost, just off Highway 13, contains some of the most coveted real estates in the San Francisco Bay Area. While you are 15 minutes drive from downtown Oakland, where you’ll find cool industrial restaurant décor and hip mustachioed baristas, exuding a calm mountain town vibe surrounded by tall redwood trees continues to attract crowds of all types. Perhaps, it was inevitable that the Fuji furniture blend into this urban city that develops diverse values and at the same time desires harmony with nature.

A comfortable and ideal living space in nature

In 2019, a house in Oakland Hills went through a complete makeover. We joined the Interior project team to create interiors that evoke a sense of calm and serenity that many of us are missing from our modern lives. The concept was called “Scandinavian lodge”. It brings brightness, modernism, and harmony to surrounding nature. The living room furniture features beech wood, which is characterized by its softwood grain and fine texture. It has been finished in a beautiful white shade that brings out the natural pinkish tone of beech itself. Koti dinning sets emphasize clean, simple elegant lines, white-soft fabrics were combined to bring functionality without sacrificing beauty.
On the other hand, the furniture in the media room is made of walnut, which is characterized by its fluid and elegant grain, finished with a gorgeous deep tone. These mid-century modern pieces bring calmness to space while the attention to detail is magically balanced.
Mountain lodge meets modern Scandinavian interior design– what’s not to love? From high ceilings to the clean white backdrop, this urban Scandinavian lodge emphasizes comfort simplicity and beauty.

Today, a very nice couple is living in this house. Their first impression of Fuji Furniture was the elegant and chic style of each piece and how each piece appeared to be custom made for the space.
“The intricacies and fine details of each piece are proof of superb construction and artistry. The design has captured that vintage modern looks so well that it is truly a work of art. The chairs and sofas allow for comfortable seating as we relax.”

Location:Oakland Hills, America
Project completed:2019
Products:Koti、nico、PERCHE、nagi、Tapio、Scandinavia modern、Aura

Which piece of furniture is your favorite and why?

We have a few favorite pieces and for different reasons, however the Koti dining table and chairs standout to us. We love to host friends and family for dinner and this beautiful table provides a very special place for us all to gather and enjoy each other’s company. The chairs are ergonomically designed to contour your back offering tremendous support and comfort for all to enjoy.

How do you feel about the color of the furniture? Would you prefer a different color?

At first, we weren’t sure about the light blond color of the living room and dining room furniture, however, we have grown to really love the lighter color. The combination of natural light and the furniture brings a feeling of warmth and airiness to our home. The darker brown color of the media room furniture is absolutely beautiful and it gives a feeling of relaxation and coziness.

Where is your favorite spot in the house?

We spend a great deal of time in the media room watching movies and our favorite shows. In the media room is where we have two of our favorite pieces, the Aura Sideboard and Aura coffee table. We love to use the secondary shelf to help keep the coffee table from clutter and allow for discrete storage.

Please describe your favorite moment with furniture.

Our favorite moments occur while drinking wine with friends on the Perche Sofa and the Nico Chairs and while serving dinner to our family and friends on the gorgeous Koti Dining Table.