made in Japan

Japanese culture, customs and lifestyle have been rapidly changing and
growing from the 1950s to the present.

What do we create? What can we leave behind? What is good furniture? What is good living? Since our founding in 1959, we have always asked about the spirit of the times we live in, and with sincere thought about that, we have been producing our furniture with devotion.

Our furniture has beauty that one wants to touch, functionality that one can feel when using it, ideas that one cannot imagine, and unexpected surprises. Our craftsmen have been nurtured by the variety of experiences that have been cultivated through furniture making and the pleasure of customers who use our furniture.

We have a strong preference for wood, yet in our quest for perfection we are open to new materials. We combine a beauty in shape that can only be reached by modern machinery with a feeling that is conveyed only by human handicraft. We aim to have craftsmanship that connects the heart of maker with that of the user through our furniture, We will continue to produce furniture that can make you feel ease and happiness in your daily life.

Always Changing

When the company was founded, we produced Western furniture, which was rare in Japan at that time. We exported 100% of our products. When we came to mass production era, we used a conveyor-belt type production which was totally different from the methods we now use in the present. We want our furniture to take a form suitable for the era. Every time there was a big change in the flow of history, we have changed the style of our furniture making, and we have kept been growing. Even now, once again we are trying new styles. That's what we mean by "Always Changing". But rather than merely changing according to the times, we also constantly change everyday things to improve the metabolism of the production, We are always conscious of what preparations we need to make so as to withstand major changes in the times.


There is no such thing as a "FUJI FURNITURE likeness" to us. A new lineup is born by chance and with some kind of inevitability by collaborating with many designers and other industry manufacturers. Our brand has a living feeling that comes from the combination of elements which, standing by themselves, are only noise. Rather than sticking to something merely for the sake of tradition, we try to catch the spirit of the times intuitively. We know the importance trying different things because we have repeatedly experienced both failure and success. The necessary elements will inevitably remain despite jumping into this stimulus, as opposed to remaining conservative in our methodology. We believe that the repetition of these methods will solidify the "likeness" that will become the core of "FUJI FURNITURE" over time.