made in Japan

Japanese culture, customs and lifestyle have been rapidly changing and
growing from the 1950s to the present.

Japanese culture, customs and lifestyles have rapidly evolved over the decades, and since our founding in 1959, we’ve been devoted to producing furniture each step of the way — furniture that promotes ease of living with a long legacy ahead of it.

Our furniture is unexpected, with beauty that you want to touch and functionality that you can feel. Our expert craftsmen continue to hone their craft, learning from each piece of furniture made and delighting in our customers’ satisfaction.

We are masters in wood, yet explore new materials. Our finished designs are produced in a way that only modern machinery can achieve, but with a feeling of handicraft, connecting the heart of the maker with the end user. Our mission is to continue producing furniture that makes our customers feel happy and comfortable every day.

Always Changing

When our company was founded we produced Western furniture, which was a rarity in Japan at that time. We exported 100 percent of our products and produced them on a conveyor belt, much different than the methods used today. We want our furniture to be relevant, so we’re constantly trying new styles — “always changing” — in both design and production to ensure we’ll be a timeless choice for our customers.


To us, there is no such thing as a “Fuji Furniture standard.” Our brand has a living, breathing quality, evolving as we go, and our new collections are born by collaborating with many designers and industry manufacturers. And while tradition is important, we want to capture the essence of today. We know the importance of trying different styles, techniques and processes because we have repeatedly experienced both failure and success; this is the reason our brand still stands today. Continuing to approach our craft in this way is the core of Fuji Furniture.